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What an exciting year it has been for Music Voyage so far. With the scent of all the Spring flowers in the air we can almost hear the music playing through the hills. Here are some of the high notes..

We are so blessed to be growing in our network and have recently had 2 new dynamic members join our team. Katherine McClelland, who has come from Johannesburg, is a musician, teacher and entrepreneur. Her background involves performance, teaching and running various businesses including her own school. She is passionate about community development and she brings her own set of skills to the project.

Thamsanqa Langa is no stranger to Music Voyage, but has now joined us on a full time basis. He has worked with us before training choral groups, teaching children and running teacher training workshops. We are thrilled to have these two join us.

To add to our portfolio, lately we have been focussing on getting class music into the schools. Delisile, who has been part of Music Voyage for some time, jumped on the band wagon for this and together with Katherine and Thami we have been working with various rural schools in the area and enhancing the Life Skills program. The idea is to empower and encourage teachers to add this valuable subject to their teaching timetable and in turn to give children the benefit of music in their school day. It has been great fun!

We gratefully received 20 djembe drums as a donation from First National Bank. What a contribution they have made!

The next chapter involves marimba groups to allow our children the opportunity to be involved in a broader musical journey which is a growing initiative in South Africa and in schools of all types. We are so pleased with the new marimbas we were donated by the Department of Arts and Culture.

We are delighted with our new bus which was donated by the National Lottery. This has been a necessary requirement for some time and we are happy to announce that we can now transport our children to and from practice venues, concerts and the like in style. Thank you LOTTO!


We would like to thank all our generous givers for their continuous support and belief in our project. We are eternally grateful.